4 Tips to Implement Before Rhinoplasty Surgery

In this video, Dr. Donald Yoo, the facial plastic surgeon extraordinaire, shares some awesome tips on how to prepare for surgery. One of the most important tips is to say goodbye to things that increase bleeding during surgery. These include alcohol, aspirin, NSAIDs, herbal supplements, and caffeine.

Dr. Yoo urges patients to stay hydrated to help tolerate anesthesia better and reduce swelling afterward.

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For smokers, it’s time to kick that habit to the curb. It’s super important to avoid smoking and any nicotine-containing products for at least six weeks before surgery. That way, there’s no poor blood supply and scarring messing up the recovery.

While at it, patients should steer clear of vaping, CBD, and marijuana too. It’s all about giving the body the best chance to heal. Patients wouldn’t want to struggle with a tight shirt or a pullover when it’s time to change into a hospital gown. The best thing is to go for a button-down or zippered top. It’ll make life so much easier.

Before your surgery, you must take it easy on the exercise front – no intense workouts. Rhinoplasty surgeons say patients must avoid any strenuous exercise for the two weeks leading up to the surgery. The same applies to the first two weeks after. That means no marathons or weightlifting competitions. Doing some light exercise after those first two weeks is still possible. Just take it easy and listen to the body.


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