Positive Home Health Practices to Keep Your Family From Sickness

There is always the pride that comes with moving out of the rental apartments and owning a home. The challenge you may face as a new homeowner is home cleaning and yard maintenance because you’re used to apartment management handling such practices. However, healthy habits prevent germs and diseases from spreading, which is the best gift you can give your family. Whether you have the elderly, children, or middle-aged household members, here are positive home health practices to keep them from sickness.

Drink Enough Water

According to the Mayo Clinic, water is around 50% to 70% of your body weight. And experts say you can survive for several days without food but not water. Lack of water leads to dehydration, a condition where the body lacks enough water to perform its functions. Having enough water for your family is one of the positive home health practices you should consider.

Water lubricates the joints to prevent inflammation, especially in older people. However, children also need more water because their bodies are developing and are more active playing around. In fact, cartilage found in joints and spine disks contain 80% water. The water helps in reducing friction during exercises and shock absorbing benefits.

Water forms saliva and mucus in your body, which is beneficial for digestion and keeping your nose moist. The mucus filters dust in the air you take in during breathing. This helps to prevent respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchiolitis, and bronchiectasis. Water also helps transport oxygen because blood contains 90% water.

The bowel needs water to work correctly; dehydration can lead to constipation, an overly acidic stomach, and other digestive problems. Dehydration can result in chronic gut issues like ulcers and heartburn. Ideally, place water dispensers in several rooms, like the living room and kitchen, to ensure household members can access clean water. If you must use pipe water, ensure it undergoes filtration and purification to prevent germs and disease infection.

Invest in a Reliable HVAC System

The second positive home health practice and the gift you can give your family is investing in a reliable HVAC system. The quality of indoor air is worse than outside air because indoor airflow is more congested. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollution can result in eye, nose, and throat irritation. It can also lead to headaches, dizziness, fatigue, heart disease, and respiratory diseases.

The HVAC system also helps regulate indoor moisture because it is beneficial for the building structure and your health. However, excessive moisture can lead to mold and mildew growth risks, and if too low, it causes discomfort and heat loss. A reliable HVAC system will send warm, moist air outside and pull dry, cool air indoors.

Reliable heating and cooling units will also enhance good sleep, which is recommended for good health. It regulates the temperature and maintains quality airflow in the rooms. On the other hand, it reduces the fire risks as traditional methods like baseboard heaters would overheat and cause a fire in the room. Systems like the mini split heat pumps are the safest for your family.

Observe the Bathroom Safety

According to the Daily Infographic, people spend 770 to 855 days in the bathroom. In fact, people spend an average of 30 minutes in the bathroom daily and can visit the bathroom regularly. So, renovating the bathroom and performing preventative maintenance is one of the positive home health practices you can consider.

Bathrooms are the riskiest for infections because the moisture can encourage mold and mildew growth. Secondly, the sewer lines can leak and cause the risks of cholera and other infections in your family. Showers and metallic pipes may also rust and contaminate water to cause skin allergies if one bathes using it.

Keep the bathroom clean to ensure your household members remain safe from sickness. According to Architectural Digest, white vinegar, baking soda, or dishwashing soap can be the cheapest alternatives for cleaning your bathroom. Experts advise cleaning the bathroom at least once a week but ensure you mop it daily and perform other preventative maintenance. After some years of use, hire professional home remodeling contractors to remodel your bathroom.

Maintain a Good Supply of Hot Water

Water heating comes with costs, but it’s worth it because it can save your family from cold issues. The temperature may be too low during winter and fall, causing higher risks of using cold water for home activities. Most of the activities you need water to carry out in a home are cleaning, washing utensils, and bathing.

Hot water helps carry out home activities as usual, even during freezing times. Household members can also bathe regularly without fear of their health conditions. Secondly, hot water kills the germs around the surface and within the pipe system. For instance, if you clean your floor with hot water, you may not need strong detergents to kill germs.

However, heated water can be risky if the systems are poorly maintained. For instance, if the hot water pipes rust, they can leak hot water around the home, which may burn children and animals. Secondly, the system also gets accumulated with minerals and other sediments that can contaminate the water, making it unsafe for use. Ideally, call professionals to perform hot water tank repair whenever you notice faults.

Maintain Your Plumbing Lines

Plumbing maintenance always comes with the benefit of reducing water bills. But it’s also a positive home health practice because it minimizes water leakages. Water seeping through the walls due to leaks can cause respiratory health problems to household members without quickly being noticed.

Secondly, the main supply pipe fault can lead to basement flooding. And once the basement is affected, the whole house environment can be unfavorable to live in. Water leakages can also result in house foundation damage putting household members to risk of injuries in case the house falls. Finally, leaking pipes also risk human life because once water comes into contact with electricity, it will result in electrocution.

After every two years, call a professional plumber to scan the piping for leaks. Ensure the leak repair is done immediately after you notice it to prevent mold growth and further damage. Check the supply lines and the valves regularly to ensure they don’t rust and cause skin allergies to the family members.

Clean the Drainage System

Drainage system cleaning is another positive home health practice you can invest in. The drainage systems help dispose of wastewater from the kitchen and the bathrooms. On the other hand, drain systems help whisk water away from walkways, driveways, and roofs to avoid flooding. Flooding is the leading cause of disease infection because it can encourage the growth of harmful insects like mosquitoes.

Flooding can also cause acute infections like coughs, influenza, colds, and pneumonia. Blockage of the drainage systems from the sink can also be a health risk because dirty water can cause foul odor and respiratory issues. Smelly sink water also encourages the breeding of mosquitoes in the house.

Don’t forget to show your drainage system some love whenever you plan on home maintenance. Use the drain cleaner and some hot water to flush the system and push away the dirty water. However, avoid using harsh chemicals because they can risk your health and damage the drainage system. To freshen the environment, you may also treat the drain with white vinegar, baking soda, and hot water.

Apart from the regular preventative maintenance, call professionals yearly to perform drain cleaning service. Professionals use cleaning machines which can be beneficial if there are blockages. They use tools known as drain snakes or augers to clear blockages in drains in longer, larger, and more complex pipes.

It’s advisable to avoid disposing of oily fluids and solid objects through the sink and other drainage channels because blockages can lead to damages, and severe health risks before being noticed. Secondly, use quality pipes for your drainage projects to reduce the maintenance costs and the risks associated with blockages. You can get professional advice from local drain cleaners or plumbers.

Practice Pest Control

Another positive home health practice is pest control because many pests are proven to cause health issues. A good example of the pests and other animals you can find in a home are mice, bats, and rats. These animals urinate in the house and cause bad odors, which can result in respiratory problems. Additionally, they can damage the electrical wiring, resulting in electric shocks.

Bed bugs, house flies, food beetles, and fleas can cause severe allergies and infections if not controlled for an extended duration. Some pests enter the house to feed on food left on the floor. As such, clean and mop your house regularly to keep them off. Secondly, clear the stagnant water pools around your house and the entire yard.

Clear the bushes around your home and prune the yard trees regularly for light penetration. Bushy areas are the hiding homes for pests and rodents entering the house in search of food. On the other hand, seal the holes around your house and the large gaps in the door and the windows. Ensure your trash cans are sealed, and the trash is disposed of properly.

The best approach to waste disposal is to call for waste services because disposing of them around the yard will encourage pests to visit your home. Additionally, store food properly in locked drawers because rats can find a home in the attic or under the appliances. Alternatively, set baits to trap the rodents.

Finally, ensure your family sleeps in a safe environment because bed bugs can cause sleepless nights. Clean the bedding regularly to remove bed bugs and other insects. Additionally, ensure there is good air circulation in the bedrooms. Finally, spray the furniture because insects can also find a home around the living room.

Organize Spaces in Your House

Experts advise cleaning and organizing the house for mental health. A messy and disorganized house can lead to stress and later mental issues. A well-organized space makes the environment calm and peaceful, especially when the family spends most of the time indoors. As such, organizing your rooms is one of the positive home health practices you can invest your time in.

If you find it hard to organize your home, invest in space management systems to learn about space planning basics. Moreover, a yard swapped with natural grass and trees can also help calm the environment. Ensure your yard has less hardscaping to create a natural look.

Maintain the Septic System

The septic tank can be dangerous to your family if you overlook it. Call a septic company whenever you notice sewer repair faults to avoid leakages around the yard. You should also check the sewer lines to ensure they don’t leak and cause foul odor around your home because it can be a health risk. Before the rainy season starts, check the drain lines to ensure they don’t channel water into the septic tank.

On the other hand, ensure the septic tank is emptied before the rainy season starts. This will minimize the risks of leakages due to excessive water seeping inside. If your septic is located around the house wall, ensure the wall is well sealed to protect the basement. Call a professional whenever you notice strange smells or leakages around the septic tank.

Clean the Chimney Regularly

According to the Central County Fire & Rescue Department, most people die from smoke and poison gas during a fire. A blocked chimney can hinder smoke from escaping the house; instead, it gets into the rooms. This can result in suffocation or respiratory health issues, especially in children and the elderly. Hiring a chimney contractor at least yearly is a positive home health practice that keeps your family free of respiratory issues.

The above 10 positive home health practices will free the household member from diseases and infections. There is always the beauty and pride of becoming a homeowner. But it also comes with the responsibility of keeping the family members safe. Seeing everyone happy and healthy in your house will always be a pleasure.

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