Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Pediatric Nurse?

Working in pediatric clinics requires some unique skills. Here’s a look at some of the ideal qualities a pediatric nurse should have.

Key Pediatric Nursing Traits


The best pediatric nurses are fine with structure. They recognize that they have to do many of the same tasks every day.

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You have to be comfortable sticking to a routine. You’ll also treat many of the same illnesses on a regular basis such as the flu and strep throat.


Working in pediatric clinics allows you to build connections with young children and their parents. Having a friendly attitude helps things, especially when the parents are concerned about their sick children. You have the opportunity to build a relationship with the parents and watch as the young children grow.


You’ll also need a lot of patience if you plan to work as a pediatric nurse. There’s a chance that you’ll work with scared children and stressed parents. Your patience can help settle everything down and make the process run smoothly.

Good Communication Skills

You’ll experience a lot of unique situations working in pediatric clinics. You can adjust to unique situations if you have good communication skills.


Perhaps you’ve experienced a situation where one of your patients is a little unruly. You can ask another buyer to assist you. It’s also important to help other nurses when they are having trouble. These are all important traits to have if you want to be a pediatric nurse. You can provide hope to children in need.


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